About Us

Med Fresh is all about providing our customers with healthy, fresh, and delicious Mediterranean-American food. Without you, our valued customers, there would be no us!

The idea of Med Fresh started with our own hungry bellies, our love for Middle Eastern food, and our dissatisfaction with other restaurants quality of service and food. Oh and of course, two of the best experienced chefs. That includes a kabob-chi and a master in spic-es. A kabob-chi is a chef that excels in the cutting, marinating, and grilling of meats. Mix that with a sauce and spice expert and you have the perfect equation for irresistible food. Our first location is in Novi, Michigan, located on the corner of Grand River Avenue and Meadowbrook Road. Med Fresh welcomes you to experience middle eastern food at its best: Healthy, Fresh, and Delicious! Enjoy!

Our Concept

Our concept is the taste of bold Mediterranean food made with a healthy American style cooking. Here is how it works: walk in, pick your favorite pita bread, meat, sauce, and toppings, blink your eyes once while our brilliant chef’s snazzy up your sandwich, and Pick up your hearty, healthy sandwich and enjoy! It’s building your own sandwich without having to lift a finger! Still hungry? No problem! So are we! That’s why we have a variety of homemade sides to choose from. Pick from home-made pita chips, rice, or one of the many famous Middle Eastern salads to fulfill your grumbling appetite.



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